The Duncan-Williams Group is a husband & wife real estate team of professionals with over twenty-five plus years of combined experience in real estate, sales and business management, social media and digital marketing.

We are a performance-driven group of Real Estate professionals with a proven ability to achieve and exceed all goal orientated duties. We have an extensive professional network, a broad background in customer relations, consulting, professional sales negotiations, account management, technology applications and social media & digital organic marketing and growth.

We are built on Dedication, Communication, Determination, and Transparency while embodying the ability to cater and contour to all of your Real Estate needs. Our knowledge of the city's geography can assist you with all of your Residential Real Estate endeavours!

Whatever your real estate needs are, whether it's finding your dream home, selling one or an investment opportunity, our unparalleled work ethics and ambition to help you succeed, is just the beginning of what we can bring to the equation.

Clients are always our number one priority. We will work hard and in your best interest while guiding you through every step making your experience seamless and excellent!

About Harold

As a husband and father of three beautiful daughters, I appreciate the importance of establishing family values. After all, loyalty, trust, sacrifice and perseverance are core values that build a strong foundation to weather any storm. However, these qualities transcend family, as they can also apply to our interaction with people in everyday life, including the workplace.

As a Real Estate professional, I am a performance-driven individual with a proven record to achieve and exceed my responsibilities. No matter what your real estate needs may be; whether it’s selling your current property, seeking an investment opportunity or finding a dream home, I’m committed to exceeding your expectations.

To accomplish this, I bring with me an extensive network of professionals, experience in customer relations, consulting, professional sales negotiations, account management, technology applications and social media expertise for organic marketing reach.

As my client, you are my sole priority. I am therefore committed to listening and understanding your needs – while guiding you through every step of our journey together!

About Melisa

Melisa Duncan-Williams is an unlicensed real estate assistant with over 15 years' experience in sales and marketing. She is an independent businesswoman with a solid reputation and work ethic. She has earned a reputation as a visionary, problem-solver and creative tactician in the field of brand advertising, sales, direct marketing and professional development. With a marketing background, Melisa’s experience brings a strong asset to our team, one that sets us above others. As our sole priority, we are committed to truly listening to and ascertaining your needs as well as your wishes – while guiding through every step of the journey!

We're growing! We're adding more amazing agents to better server our clients. Stay tuned.