Duncan-Williams Real Estate Group has a combined 20 plus years of experience in sales, marketing, digital and social marketing, business management, and sales management. We are also a member of Juwai.com, China’s “MLS” and #1 Chinese global property portal connecting sellers to Chinese buyers. We go above the traditional methods by not reinventing the wheel but by adding a modern digital marketing approach to the equation, allowing us to achieve our client’s goals and, in many cases, exceed them.


Digital Marketing
Buying property is a little more complex than buying shoes online. With several comprehensive years of experience in digital marketing, The Duncan-Williams Real Estate group goes beyond the traditional listing methods by energizing your listing digitally through the latest digital technologies on the Internet. We do this by leveraging mobile apps, online display advertising such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and other digital mediums. We use specific keywords to optimize your online exposure to its fullest, assuring maximum exposure and potential to your listing.

International Exposure – Juwai.com
Juwai.com is China’s “MLS” and one of the largest online global property shopping portals in China, connecting sellers to Chinese Buyers. This will allow our clients looking to sell their home/property an international reach and advantage!

Elite Executive Photography & Floor plans
We are a strong believer that an image says it all! We understand that photography has never been more important to selling real estate than today. With the demand for high-quality professional photography at an all-time high, the very first image a potential buyer sees can make a difference between SOLD & For Sale. With a background in art, sales, and marketing, we can ensure only the best images are utilized to market your home. We employ only the most high-quality photographers in real estate. Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional real estate photography that sells!

We ensure computerized floor plans that are accurately measured onsite by a professional team of experts.

Live Tours / No Lock Boxes
Our no lockbox policy allows us the opportunity to provide in-person guided tours, putting the key features of the residence at centre stage while also getting a feeling for the buyer’s interest.

Exclusive Broker Opens/Tours
We will hold a broker’s tour guide and/or a broker open house exclusively for Real Estate Agents. This will allow the opportunity to highlight the attributes of your home during the tour. All agents will be provided with detailed collateral.

*Because services differ with each and every client, we may use all, some or none of the marketing services mentioned above.